The Coeur de Lion® line (trademarked for many years under the name Rosselini in the US because of a trademark conflict with another jewelry manufacturer) is designed by Carola Hiersemann-Eckrodt and handmade in her Stuttgart, Germany workshop.

That the collections have been made in Germany for the past 25 years, with no compromise about the quality of the craftsmanship, sets the tone of what Coeur de Lion® stands for, especially in today's environment.

The apparent simplicity, the seemingly obvious crispness of the line, its colors, its texture...nothing is left to chance. Coeur de Lion® fuses clean designs, old-world craftsmanship, high technology and above all, the finest materials obtainable, to achieve its very distinctive look.

Consultant for Swarovski® , for which she regularly contributes as a free-lance designer, Carola uses Swarovski® crystals exclusively for her own collections. It is not rare that she introduces new Swarovski® shapes for a limited time, before anyone else. The stainless steel and aluminum parts she favors as her metal of choice are expensively treated through eloxation and other high-tech methods, and thickly plated in silver, rhodium and 24-karat gold to last a lifetime. The acrylic parts she designs and special order through master artisans, add a rich dimension to her contemporary creative approach. She too has a weakness for glass, and particularly appreciates artisans who take some risks in their work: you will not find too many "main stream" glass beads in Coeur de Lion® . And while she excels through geometrical designs, Carola is not against bringing a few more romantic pieces within each collection.

The result is a very upscale line designed for distinctive women who have a classic taste with an attitude® .

Sandrine Giraud
Sandrine Giraud started her career in the movie industry,in charge of costume and accessories. To say that she is a highly gifted designer does not begin to describe it - she won the first of many prices in Paris in 1996 in the "young artisans" category for her creativity and such recognition gave her the impulse to further develop her concept of "variable" jewelry.
The idea is to be able to "convert" the same necklace into many different looks through the careful bending and reshaping of the cables. She has now more than 80 different designs in her current collection, and she introduces more and more elements to enrich her core components, turning what started as a concept into a true fashion collection.

Each piece is made by hand by the artist, in her Parisian studio. It is a bold and contemporary collection that will delight your most artistic customers, inviting them to take part in the creative process. But because each piece will always be delivered in a pristine shape, the line can also be as low maintenance as any.

Nature Bijoux® is a French concept, impossible to miss when shopping the Galeries Lafayette Hausmann in Paris and throughout France, in any fashion forward boutiques on the hexagon. It has style, it has presence, the "je ne sais quoi" so difficult to define and yet so obvious. The line is overflowing with emotions; the kind you will identify with, no matter who you are.

An eco-friendly line, Nature Bijoux® is Jean Daniel Christin's concept. In addition to being an inspired designer, JD is a component expert: commissioned by some of the most successful European designers (Agatha, Taratata, Remiscence, Scooter Paris, Nereides, etc, with whom he collaborates on an ongoing basis), he travels the world to find the right bead, the perfect seed, the stone with unusual effect, a singular color. His network of suppliers is second to none: in 25 years, he has sourced and incorporated in his own collections more than 50,000 different natural components.

In a market saturated with "the same", designers who are depending on readily available components are at a disadvantage. With JD, the creative work starts with the raw material. And it is the way he turns the natural components from a raw stage to a sophisticated and totally unique finish that is at the heart of Nature Bijoux®. The Agates are weathered under heat, the Sibucao is skillfully pressed, the turquoise from Tibet and its unique bluish tone is carved under his supervision, and black horns are cleaned, polished, sculpted, burnt, and transformed.

Nature Bijoux® offers the largest range of designs, using natural components, recycled, and worked in strict accordance with the Washington convention and the US Lacey Act. It is imported in the USA with a Fish and Wildlife license.

Parisian designer, Samuel Coraux, is passionate about art and architecture.

His work combines contemporary influences with traditional century-old techniques to produce elegant and atypical necklaces.

Continuously breaking the limits, each new generation of creations surpasses the last, each design is an inspiration for the next.

Samuel Coraux lived in Japan where he studied design principles –material, color, and movement– inspiring a body of work that reflects controlled eccentricity. Equally embodying the inheritance of European modern and contemporary art, the Coraux collection is produced at his artist studio in central Paris.

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